Lisbon Bike Tours

Ride with us – get more out of our bikes…than on foot!

bikeiberia & Lisbon Hub offer daily bike tours in Lisbon and it’s beautiful surrounding areas.

A bike tour is a unique way to visit Lisbon, either to get your bearings in the city or to learn about it in a fun and active way!
Take a bike, see the sights – learn the history

Your excellent guide takes you through places only accessible by bike- get off that beaten track!
Our Unique Tours are safe, fun, and easily overcome, as we pedal at a nice relaxed pace!

Our native and English fluent – speaking tour leaders are always thrilled to meet new people and share why they love Lisbon so much.
You will be taken to the most interesting places and understand the history and facts about it.

Whether traveling alone or with friends, our fun and informative bike tour is the perfect way to spend half a day in Lisbon. It all depends on your interest and time!

Lisbon & Beach Bike Tours

Lisbon Waterfront & Discoveries
Includes Full Day Bike Rental


Electric Bike Tour

Discoveries & Dunes

NEW ! Quality E-Bikes Available

Outstanding E-Bikes, equipped the most advanced technology.
Ride further and faster with less effort – These are fun!

Countryside Bike Tours

Royal Retreats

Nature Reserve

Roman & Stone Age Legacy

Mountain Bike Tours

Greatest Tour

Ancient Royal Trails

Sesimbra Castle

Roman & Stone Age Trails