Shore Excursions

Ride a Bicycle Instead of Rushing Around

A bike ride is an excellent means of transportation for getting to know Lisbon and its historic sites.
With us one can experience the capital of Portugal in a way few others do – from the vantage point of his/her own bicycle.

This way, Lisbon’s landmarks can be discovered during a ride along the river’s historical waterfront and bike lane, on quiet city streets, and picturesque lanes.
At appointed locations we will stop so that guests can benefit from the fantastic photo opportunities along the way.
There will also be plenty of time for strolling around and shopping.

Cycling allows our guests to cover more ground than they would by walking – without getting tired feet or legs.
The special characteristics of a bike ride allow visiting the most famous landmarks of Lisbon in a relaxed way and in little time.
Furthermore, guests are not locked into a van or taxi. Thus, all senses will be in direct and close contact with Lisbon’s beautiful surroundings.

All Lisbon Hub – bikeiberia Shore Excursions will include a brief safety orientation and bike handling instructions before the start of a pleasant ride.

Please contact us for further information or reservations.