Lisbon Bike Map

The Lisbon Bike Map

Developed and designed by bikeiberia, to celebrate it’s 15th anniversary, the Lisbon Bike Map is a useful tool to all cyclists, both locals and visitors. It includes information on suggested routes and different points of interest, making cycling around even easier.

Cycling is an exciting, energizing and fun experience, a great way to travel at a pace which allows us to look at everyplace often from a whole new and fulfilling perspective.

This map was developed by skilled cyclists, experienced in riding on different circumstances like commuting, cycle-touring or riding off-road.

Designed to provide the best bicycle routes for both locals and visitors, it also gathers useful information and points of interest that will enhance your riding experience while exploring Lisbon and its surroundings.

What you will find in our Map and this website:

  • Local bike lanes

  • Suggested cycling routes and points of interest

  • Useful information on taking bikes on Public Transportation

  • Information on Portuguese Highway code

  • Road etiquette and tips for sharing the road and vehicular Cycling

  • Go beyond the off the beaten track!


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