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Who is Lisbon Hub – bikeiberia?

The Lisbon Hub is a division of bikeiberia Tours & Rentals Lda, a fully licensed Tour Company (Empresa de Animação Turistica) by the Portuguese Tourism Institute (Turismo de Portugal, IP) and a member of Lisbon’s Tourism Bureau (Associação de Turismo de Lisboa).

How long has bikeiberia been in Business?

bikeiberia, established in 1999, was the first local operator offering top biking services in Portugal & Spain to an international clientele.

How can I contact bikeiberia?

We would be delighted to provide you requested information and advice but also listen to your suggestions and comments!
You can also email, write, phone or fax us on:
Largo do Corpo Santo, 5
1200-129 Lisboa
Phone/Fax: (+351) 21 347 03 47 *
Email: lisbonhub@bikeiberia.com

Why a Bicycle?

A bicycle is still the most ecological method of transport. Slow enough to connect with nature but fast enough to feel you really are traveling every day. And we guarantee that it’s one of the most exciting ways of traveling in Lisbon and throughout Portugal and Spain!

How is it to ride in a Bike in Lisbon?

Riding a Bicycle is a great and enjoyable way to get around. Riding in Lisbon, its surroundings, Portugal or Spain is no different than riding back home.

Cobblestones are still quite common in historical parts of towns throughout Portugal with no exception to Lisbon!
They can get very slippery when wet, be gentle and very careful when braking, turning and crossing tram tracks.

How are the Portuguese Drivers?

Since cycling is becoming increasingly popular,
local drivers tend to become even more conscious and respectful of cyclist’s needs.
As of Jan 1st 2014 Portuguese Highway code offers increased protection to bicycle users.

What is the weather like?

Lisbon has a mild dry climate with few rainy days year round, normally we have clear skies and dry weather with very low humidity.
The warmer months are June through August, average high temperatures are 25-30º C.
The cooler months are January and February, average high temperatures are 12-20º C.
The usual rainy season is December through March with occasional showers in October-November or April. Normally it does not get below 10-12º C.

How can I park my bike safely?

Always lock the bike frame to a well-grounded and steady structure.
In city areas quality sturdy locks are generally safer and required.


Quick releases on wheels and saddle could also be a problem
Always remove all lights, tools, pump and other small objects from the bike
Watch out where you leave your bike and for how long

Overnight ALWAYS park bicycles indoors!

Why do I need to provide my height?

We have different bicycle frame sizes available. When we are allocating bikes, we will be looking for the correct bike frame size that will suit your height, in order to provide you a comfortable ride. A person 155 cm tall will not be able to ride the same bike frame size as a person 190 cm tall and vice versa, thus the importance of having your exact height. If you don’t know all of your party’s heights, when you first contact us, you can do it at a later time, bearing in mind that you should inquire everyone’s height asap.

Do you provide SPD Pedals?

Our bikes come usually equipped with normal pedals.
When required in advance we may fit TOE-CLIPS (also known as PLASTIC BASKETS) that basically keep your foot in place on the pedals. These require some practice but not much particularly if you are using them loose as we recommend. For both cases above we recommend you to wear a sturdy pair of shoes, preferably sports shoes, which become important on multiday trips.


SPD/AUTOMATIC Pedals require special Shoes so they can match and clip. Due to the number of different systems and personal adjustments we strongly recommend you not to bring only your shoes but also your own pedals, guaranteeing a perfect match between the two.


Where do the Tours start / end?

Most Tours start/end in our Lisbon Hub Office;
For more info on Tours start/end and starting times, please check the Tour Description Page, or contact us for more detailed info.

Who are the Tour Leaders on the Tours?

Our Tour Leaders are broad experienced and English fluent, able to perfectly understand and accommodate cultural differences.


Tour Leaders – Guides, Assistant Guides and staff tend to be Iberians, who know the region, the routes and the places we will be visiting.

Due to experience, knowledge and sensitiveness of our Tour Leaders – Guides, you can count on their efforts in finding pleasant solutions for your special moments or specific interest.

In which language do the Tours run?

Our tours are guided by English speaking tour leaders. We can accommodate other languages upon request, please inquire with us ahead.

What is the maximum number of people in each Tour?

Usually our groups have a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 14 participants. Small groups will allow us to provide a personalized service enhancing your experience while keeping the group’s safety.


If you would like to participate on a Lisbon Hub Day Tour and are traveling alone, we can still provide the tour for you, please inquire with us ahead for that option.

What is included on the Tour price?

All tours include bike rental and helmet, experienced multi-lingual tour leader and bottle of water. For more info on Tours Inclusions, please check the Tour Details Page, or contact us for more detailed info.

What Bike will I be using?

For the City & Beach Bike Tours we use our Standard Hybrid Bikes;
For the Countryside Bike Tours we use our Standard Hybrid Bikes or our Light Touring Bikes;
For the Mountain Bike Tours we use our Front Suspension Mountain Bikes.


For more info on which Bikes will be used on which Tour, please check the Tour Details Page.
You can also inquire with us about Bike Upgrade Options.

Which Roads will we ride on the City & Countryside Bike Tours?

We avoid busy streets with traffic and mostly ride on bike lanes, low/moderate traffic streets and quiet lanes when available.


We look for roads that link interesting locations worth visiting for its heritage and landscape. We have selected roads which we found better paved and with the least traffic possible, this is important for your safety. Along the day you will often find ideal spots for some nice photos.

Most of the roads we ride are in very good condition, in some places you will be riding on ancient cobblestoned streets, especially in historic town centers where they are being refurbished, or dirt roads.

Which Trails will I ride on the Mountain Bike Tours?

We do not have a pre-set routes for our Mountain Bike Tours; instead we prefer to offer you a unique biking experience matching your physical ability, riding skills and special interests. Normally our ride can easily be completed by everyone including those with less or no off-road biking experience as long as comfortable and use to riding in urban traffic.

How challenging are your Tours?

Most of our Tours can be easily completed by everyone, including those with less biking experience.
For some Tours, participants should be comfortable with riding in urban traffic and dealing with some challenging climbs and fast descents. For Mountain Bike Tours, guests should have previous off-road experience.


For more info on Tours Challenge Level, please check the Tour Details Page, or contact us for more detailed info.

Can Kids go on a Tours?

We have tours specially suited for children. If you book a private tour for your family, the tour will be adapted to the physical and riding abilities of the youngest member. If you shall join other guests on a tour, we will find a suitable option for your kids without compromising the other participants biking experience.

Do you have a minimum age for children?

Most family bike trips have no minimum age, under 4 kids usually ride in bike trailers; 4-6 children might use a trail-a-bike.
Some Tours have an age limit of minimum 12 years and children should be use to riding on roads with some traffic and/or have previous off-road experience.


For more info on Tours Children Policy, please check the Tour Details Page, or contact us for more detailed info.

What should I wear / bring with me?

On daily bike tours it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes, shoes are recommended and high heels or flip-flop are seriously discouraged.


We also advise you to bring sun glasses and sun protector especially in summer and your camera to capture the moment! If you signed up for a Beach Bike Tour you are also welcome to bring your swimming suits for a dive!

What if it is raining?

Our Tours run all year round and in all weather conditions but please note that we reserve the right to change the program without previous notice.


Where can I Rent a Bike?

Our Lisbon Hub Office is centrally located in Lisbon’s downtown, right next to the start of the Waterfront Bike Lane!

Do I need to book ahead?

bikeiberia has different types of bikes which are available according to the location needed. In order to guarantee availability we always advise our Guests to book ahead.

Where can I go by Bike?

Once you pick up the Bike we will be delighted to support your plans by giving you some advice and suggestions on biking in Lisbon and its surroundings, places to see and visit how to get there by Bike.

What type of Bike should I choose?

We have different types of Bikes from which you can choose from whether you will ride Lisbon’s Waterfront Bike Lane, going Mountain Biking in Monsanto Park, Road Racing, or tackling some kms in Lisbon and its surroundings.


Just let us know what your plans are and we will suggest you the most suitable Bike for your plans and needs!

What is included on the Bike Rental fees?

All of our Bike Rental fees include the free use of Helmets (not mandatory), Baskets and Sturdy Key Locks. For Day Rentals, we also have available Tool-Kits and Bike Pumps. Please check bike’s descriptions for detailed information.

What do I need to rent a Bike?

When renting a Bike you will need to bring with you a valid National ID and/or Credit Card details.
For some Bike Types we do require a valid National ID and Credit Card details.

Do you provide Kids Bikes & Gear?

For kids under 4 year old we have bike trailers; 4-6 children might use a trail-a-bike, for older kids we have Bikes with 20″ NS 24″ Wheels. We also have kids helmets available at no extra cost.

Where should I park overnight?

For overnight, multi-day rentals, please make sure that your Hotel can keep the bikes safely stored indoors during the night and that they will not charge for it.

How challenging are your Tours?

Most of our Tours can be easily completed by everyone, including those with less biking experience.
For some Tours, participants should be comfortable with riding in urban traffic and dealing with some challenging climbs and fast descents. For Mountain Bike Tours, guests should have previous off-road experience.


For more info on Tours Challenge Level, please check the Tour Details Page, or contact us for more detailed info.

Bookings & Payments

Why Book ahead?

It is the only way we can guarantee Tours and Bike availability! Plus no paperwork to be done once you get our Lisbon Hub Office, you will save time!

What’s your Privacy Policy?

bikeiberia will not share your personal information, which includes your e-mail, name, home address and telephone number with other companies or organizations, except with the ones indispensable to process your order and payment (Visa and Mastercard).

Must all Participants sign the Waiver Form?

Our Waiver Form needs to be signed by every participant, regardless if it is a Guided Tour or Bicycle Rental. Still it can be signed once you get to our Lisbon Hub Office.

How can I secure my booking?

Once we have received your Registration Form and confirm your booking, we will charge the provided Credit Card for the agreed Bike Tour/Rental deposit.

Must I provide the Credit Card Security Code?

The security code is a new security feature for credit cards. All VISA / MASTERCARD credit cards feature an additional three-digit number that appears after the card number on the back of the card. These numbers appear on the credit card and are stored in the credit card company’s database. This security code can be used to verify that the customer is the true cardholder.

Prices and willing currencies?

Our prices are always displayed in Euros.

How will I receive my invoice?

Invoices for orders will be created only after payment has been received. If you pay by credit card or have the amount charged to your account (electronic debit or online bank transfer), we will issue an invoice for your order. For orders paid for by bank transfer, check or cash, you will first receive an order confirmation, and your invoice will be sent to you after payment has been received. In any case, we will e-mail your invoice or order confirmation to your billing address.

How can I my order? I have not paid yet.

If no payment is received for an order paid for by bank transfer, check or cash, the order is suspended in our system.
We generally reserve the right to withdraw from the contract in the case of non-payment.

How can I cancel my order? I have already paid?

For questions about a Cancellation, please check our Terms & Conditions > Cancellation and Refund policy.
You must contact us in writing (by e-mail) and briefly explain why you would like to cancel the order.

What is this charge on bank statement?

You have placed an order, your credit card was charged by bikeiberia. You should have received a confirmation by e-mail at the time the credit card was charged. If you still have questions about the charge on your credit card, please contact us.

How secure is the order process?

bikeiberia order process is protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc. is sent to the recipient securely via the Internet.


All of the data entered on the protected pages is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.
You can tell that SSL is activated if you see a closed padlock in your browser window. If you do not see the padlock icon when you enter our order process from the product vendor’s Web site, then please access the order form by right-clicking the link or button on the vendor’s page, and selecting ‘Open in new window’ from the options displayed. The padlock will then be displayed on this page. You can also tell that the page is protected if the URL displayed in the address bar begins with “https:”.

I interrupted my online order – has my data been saved?

No! Data that you enter during the order process will not be saved until you have clicked “Order” to submit your order.