Kids Trail-a-Bike

Bikes’ Features:

Burley® Trail-a-Bike

20″ wheel

Weight capacity of up to 45kgs

6 speeds

Safety Flag


Quality Trail-a-Bike

Height easily adjustable

Easily attaches to adult bike

Up Right Riding Position

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Our Kids Trail-a-Bike is made by Burley® and comes equipped with 6 speeds, rear brake and a 20” wheel. This one-wheeled cycle, has its own handlebar, pedals, gears and brakes and allows your kid to ride in an upright position.

It easily attaches to the adult bikes and turned into a tandem bike, your kid will help you, by providing some pedal power. It is advisable for kids aged 5 to 10 who don’t feel secure to ride on their own and that are better off cycling together with you rather than independently.

If you have kids and want to ride a few more kms than the ones your kid can handle or if you’re looking to go on a longer journey, this will be a great option for both of you.


4 hours daily 24 hours 72 hours
8.5 € 12 € 15 € 35 €

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Helmet Use (not mandatory)

Safety Flag

Sturdy Key Lock

Upon Request:

Toolkit w/ patches

Bike Pump