Custom Designed Activities to fit your Student’s Needs, Budget & Curriculum

Over the years our experience with students has shown us that cycling is a great activity to keep the young cheerful
and entertained while travelling and learning about what is around them.

Travel – Accomplishment – Lifestyles
We have found that biking allows kids & teens to travel through a wide variety of places at a pace that is Slow enough to connect with nature and
allowing them to absorb what they are seeing and experiencing, yet traveling fast enough to give them the sense of activity and forward movement.

Meeting People – Language Practice – Heritage Sites
Few other activities offer you the same versatile possibilities:
A bike tour means organizing a group event in which the individual, while part of a group can go at his/her own pace.
It is an entertainment form, a mean of transportation and a vehicle for visiting the spots you want your students to discover and most of all it is fun for everybody.

Self-Confidence – Experience – Peers
Rely on us and on our service!
We can meet parents and teachers expectations, as we provide an activity for their kids/students that is more than just fun and entertainment.

Our trips provide kids & teens with a fun time, but, as importantly, we also provide them a life changing experience with the opportunity for growth,
independence and maturation in a safe, responsible way, according to their age and abilities. We know what it means to organize a students’ group trip!

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