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Outstanding E-Bikes, equipped the most advanced technology.
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Lisbon E-Bike Tour

Quality E-Bikes

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bikeiberia has been providing Bicycle Services in Portugal & Spain since 1999.
The Lisbon Hub was the first to offer both Bike Rentals & Bikes Tours in Lisbon, successfully catering for the English speaking international traveler.

Outstanding quality e-bikes, carefully selected for being top of the range.
These pedal assisted e-bikes will let you go further and faster with less effort!

These Bikes are reliable and sturdy, equipped with the most advanced e-bike technology including a powerful motor and a long lasting battery.

Whether you want to join us on a Guided Bike Tour in Lisbon or it’s surroundings or to rent them and explore the city on your own, these Bikes are the perfect choice for those looking for some extra pedal power, especially on Lisbon’s beautiful hills!!