Nobody is too young (or too old) to enjoy riding a bicycle!

You are welcome to bring your children (or your parents!) along on a guided bike tour especially set up for families.
bikeiberia family tours please both kids and parents in the same vacation.

Usually, on Family Tours, you will cover less mileage than on our traditional routes. This way, parents can take more time to visit local attractions,
while we pay lots of special attention to the needs and entertainment of your children. Furthermore, shorter distances allow for more time to relax along the way.

Some bicycle tours have been specifically designed for travel with younger children, and most of our tours can be customized and personalized to suit your family needs.

Our family tours are designed to accommodate children of any age and we happily provide you with child sized seats, trailers, trail-a-bikes and children geared bikes.

Please contact us for further information or reservations.