Road Touring Bike

Bikes’ Features:

Cannondale® Road Touring Bike

Shimano XT/LX 27 speeds


Touring / Cyclo-cross step up

Wheel Size 28″


Gents Frames Only

Sizes from XS to XL

Light and Sportive

Comfortable Saddles

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Our Road Touring Bikes are made by Cannondale® and come equipped with Shimano XT/LX 27 speeds, Triple crank set, V-Brakes, Dropped Handlebars and a Touring / Cyclo-Cross set up.

Suitable to those experienced to ride dropped handlebar bikes or seeking a more aerodynamic riding position for faster average speeds. Offering a sturdy Touring setup for increased Reliability, Comfort and most of all Safety on roads that often have hazards for light bikes with slim tires and dropped bars.

For paved roads only the Cannondale Road Touring with Dropped Bars Bike will get you there faster than any other.


4 hours daily 24 hours 72 hours
25 € 30 € 35 € 80 €

Outstanding Bike Rental Services in Lisbon and throughout Portugal & Spain!

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Lisbon Bike Rentals Special Offers


Helmet Use (not mandatory)

Rear Rack Top Bag

Sturdy Key Lock

Upon Request:

Toolkit w/ patches

Bike Pump