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Enjoy the independence a bicycle gives you!!

The Lisbon Hub offers Quality Bike Rentals from a few hours to a couple of days or during your whole stay in Lisbon, year round, including winter time!

Riding a bike is a great way to get to your bearings in Lisbon and to get to know the city and its surrounding areas. On a bike you will be able to interact with the city and its people while enjoying a distinct perspective!

Renting a bike is perfect to those who enjoy exploring by themselves, you can go wherever you want to and visit what interests you the most!

Probably your have heard about Lisbon’s topography and that is impossible to bike here… well, we know that most people who day this never tried it!

Lisbon and San Francisco are very alike, similar weather, “twin” bridges, both cities are built on 7 hills and both offer unique biking experiences.

Rent a Bike in Lisbon and venture on your own;

  • Enjoy Lisbon’s waterfront bike lane
  • Ride to Belem and visit the Jeronimos Monastery
  • Take a ferry and bike to the beach for a swim
  • Tackle Alfama hills!
  • Explore the Old Town or the modern Parque das Nações
  • Enjoy Lisbon’s Monsanto Park or the Nature Reserves or Sintra-Cascais and Arrabida 

When renting a bike with us, you will be able to choose from a wide range if Bicycles in accordance with your preferences; either to just wander around or to go mountain biking!

Our bikes & equipments are up to the international standards and are regularly checked by our full-time mechanics.

With the bike rental, you will also get free insider’s advice on what to do and where to go while your stay in Lisbon and its surroundings.

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