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Pedal Your Way in Lisbon!

bikeiberia has been proving Bicycle Services in Portugal & Spain since 1999.
The Lisbon Hub was the first to offer both Bike Rentals & Bikes Tours in Lisbon, successfully catering for the English speaking international traveller.

The Lisbon Hub Bike and Information Centre was launched to fulfil a gap in Lisbon’s biking scene; allowing visitors to experience the region in a unique way.

Our exceptional quality of service with the right mix of info and entertainment, that we strive to guarantee, is a great value for your money and comes second to none.

NEW ! E-Bikes Available

Outstanding quality E-Bikes, equipped the most advanced technology.
Ride further and fast with less effort!

Whether you join us on a ride or rent one of our bikes, let us show you why we are the
best known and most recommended name in the business!

Unlike some other companies, we are specialists in bicycling services and we have
more than 15 years of experience providing solutions for people from all over the world.
If you are searching for a truly amazing bike adventure, look no further – Bike we Are!

Our goal is to provide quality biking services to Lisbon’s visitors, but also to promote the bicycle use among those who live here; showing all, that using a bicycle is not only an environmentally friendly and fast way to get around but also the best way to truly connect with what is around us!

Our Headquarters and central Bike Rental Station are in BAIXA, the heart of Lisbon downtown. Here, travelers are able to get information about the plentiful biking possibilities Lisbon and the beautiful Iberian Peninsula have to offer.

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